Steel pre-manufacturing services

Oy Listech Ltd together with several of our partner-mills from North-Western Russia offers various steel pre-fabrication services of flat and long steel material according to the required dimensions/ drawings, or of our own design, including:

  • Plasma cutting
  • Flame cutting
  • Welding
  • Driling
  • Prime-paiting
Amongst others, we have successfully delivered to Scandinavia the following pre-fabricated material:
  • Cut-to-size and/or otherwise pre-manufactured and Prime-painted steel sheets and plates (e.g. elevator counterweights).
  • Welded steel structures of various sizes with or without Prime-painting (e.g. excavator arms, buckets, piling rig parts and dumper truck beds).
  • Welded cement truck mixer drums, also complete with  frames and other auxiliary parts and equipment Prime-painted and/or painted in the needed colour. 

We use contemporary machinery, which allows for high precision of the pre-manufactured parts. Please ask us for a quote. You can submit your inquiries on our contacts page.